Appraisals for Plaintiff & Defense Attorneys

The appraisal process starts only when a proposed insurance claim award for covering the claim is disputed. At this stage, an appraisal provision is requested in writing by the either party. Next, both the policyholder and the insurance company must select an independent third party, which is then appointed to serve as their Appraiser. This process is followed to reduce the time and high instance of expensive lawsuits, when the only point of dispute is the loss amount. Though, the State Regulators provide this appraisal mechanism for reducing overall costs, such appraisers must be proven professionals who thoroughly understand insurance claims and issues. They should also have extensive knowledge of construction and replacement costs; otherwise the entire process will be wasted.

Oakland Park Public Adjusters have vast experience and extensive knowledge of the appraisal process for all types of insurance claims. We produce a methodical analysis of the replacement cost that is also supported by many professionals including inspectors, contractors and engineers. We are proud of our teams that know the main purpose of this process is to save cost. They also know the specific requirements of every insurance claim like potential site clearing, efficient provisions and remediation for operational areas or even relocation. Oakland Park Public Adjusters are known to quickly bring both sides to an agreement with minimum legal expenses and time loss.