Duties of Public Adjusters Oakland Park

25 Apr 2015

It is duty of insurance policyholders to report to the Insurance Company regarding a loss experienced by them. While reporting a insurance claim, contact with an insurance adjuster who assesses the insurance claims. Different types of insurance adjusters are claim service representatives, staff adjusters, public adjusters and independent adjusters.
Oakland Park public adjusters work on the behalf of the policy holders for ensuring that the policy holder receives the full insurance claim on time. Public adjusters Oakland Park are hired by the policyholder to evaluate loss and replacement costs, track the flow of insurance payments and amounts due and work with insurance companies to expedite the policyholder’s insurance claim. Generally a public adjuster come into action just after a major damage caused by a natural disaster. Independent public adjusters have experienced in managing different aspects of replacement costs and insurance loss. It is duty of public adjusters to follow up with insurance companies and ensure that the Insurance claim is treated fairly.
On the other hand, Insurance staff adjusters work for insurance firms as a salaried employee. It is duty of staff adjusters to investigate events related to loss and to determine the liability of the insurance company in the loss. It is prime responsibility of a staff adjuster to ensure legitimacy of a claim and make sure that no evidence of fraud is submitted in the insurance claim. Once the legitimacy of the insurance claim is determined by the staff adjuster, payment to the claimant for the loss is authorized.